Preventative fire protection in construction

Bohle offers expert and manufacturer-independent advice in the area of preventative fire protection in construction and cost effective solutions in the realisation of fire protection systems and constructions.

We carry out the following required fire protection measures in accordance with the State Building Regulations (LBO), the “General Building Inspection Certificates” and approvals, cable system regulations MLAR/LAR/RbALei introduced under building law, DIN 4102 and other regulations:

  • Cable and pipe shielding in solid and lightweight walls

  • Cable sheathing (E30 - E90) as an independent installation duct to retain the functionality of the enclosed cables or for protection from the effects of fire from outside (E30 - E90)

  • Cable sheathing (I30 - I90) as an independent installation duct to protect escape or rescue routes against the effects of a cable fire/li>
  • Fire protection coating on electronic cables and cable ducts to reduce the fire load

  • Ventilation ducts, independent (L30 – L90) or sheathing of steel sheet ventilation ducts (L30 – L90) and independent smoke extraction ducts (L90)

  • Installation and replacement of fire safety dampers in ventilation ducts

  • Fire protection cladding e. g. of steel beams and supports (F30-A to F180-A) and cladding of wooden beams and supports (F30-B to F90-B)

  • Load bearing and non-load bearing fire protection partition walls (F30-A to F90-A), fire walls (F90-A), shaft walls (F30-A to F90-A)
    installed as lightweight partition walls

  • Fire protection suspended ceilings in combination with the existing ceiling, to boost or upgrade the fire protection class through cladding of reinforced concrete structures (F90-A) or in combination with wooden beam ceilings (F30B - F90B)

  • Fire protection suspended ceilings as independent or self-supporting suspended ceilings (F30A - F90A)

  • Fire retardant and fire resistant door systems (T30 – T90), as steel, wood or frame doors with or without smoke protection requirements and relevant additional fittings such as locking devices

All fire protection work is carried out with the necessary care in accordance with “General Building Inspection Certificates” and approvals, as well as relevant legal regulations, and is documented in accordance with the regulations for handing over approval certificates or testing certificates and declarations of compliance. If required, pictorial documentation will be created according to the customer’s specifications with the relevant inclusion of fire protection measures in the planning drawings. Maintenance and repair work carried out by us on the fire protection systems or fire protection elements is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions and using trained personnel.

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