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Thermal and sound insulation
Sector know-how Power station technology

The maintenance or new construction of power plants requires the combined expertise of many different trades within a confined space – and within a short timeframe because loss of production capacity, especially in power plants, means surrendering security of supply and results in production facilities being brought to a standstill in industry.
Our insulation technology, interior work, fire protection and metal construction departments have been providing their services with great success for many decades.

Well-conceived and adapted insulation concepts that are tailored to the requirements of components installed in power plants enable our experts to contribute towards the pipelines and plant components being able to work with long operating times and to ensure the lowest heat losses possible.
Alongside traditional insulation work, our range of services also includes scaffolding, corrosion protection and heat tracing systems, as well as servicing and maintenance.

These machine and plant components that are too loud receive sound insulation cladding, whether it is with sound dampers, combined thermal and sound cladding or the construction of sound insulation capsules.
We design the required ventilation and lighting systems for the sound insulation capsules according to technical specifications and can also install them when desired.

Electrical lines and ventilation ducts, which are laid in different fire protection sections, receive additional fire protection cladding in order to prevent smoke and fire spreading between different sections of the building in the case of fire.

Switching stations, communication rooms, laboratories and offices can be fitted with sound insulating partition walls by our Interior Work Department and ceiling panels with sound absorbing materials, which often also offer cooling characteristics.

Our Metal Construction Department specialises in window and door constructions for structural engineering.
Fire and smoke protection requirements are fulfilled with a variety of window and door systems.

All of our different departments are both aware and fulfil the requirements set by our customers.

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  • Correct use of materials
  • Punctuality
  • Reliability
  • Willingness to cooperate
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