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Thermal and sound insulation
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Technical sound proofing for people and the environment

Noise creates stress and makes you ill

Increasingly high production rates and shorter delivery times demand economic production processes. The results include high-speed and therefore noise-generating machines. For employees working in
a business the noise level is disruptive in most cases or even unacceptable. Loss of concentration, demotivation and illnesses are the result. In addition to constructive machine changes secondary sound proofing
measures are often the only option to escape noise pollution.

A variety of design options and our longstanding experience also ensure that sound proofing coverings, even those with more sustainable assembly, barely restrict usability or repair options. We would be happy to work together with you on future projects and support you with the implementation of technical sound proofing.

Based on our customers’ requests we produce sound insulation hoods, sound-attenuating capsules and sound booths and other sound insulation constructions taking into consideration the sonic and geometric requirements.

 We offer our services in the following areas:

  • Noise measurement and design
  • Planning and construction
  • Manufacturing, delivery and assembly

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