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Thermal and sound insulation
Sector know-how Petrochemicals

The petrochemical industry involves the manufacture of chemical products from natural gas or suitable fractions of crude oil.

The most important process in petrochemicals is steam cracking. A wide variety of intermediate and end products are produced in diverse processes from base chemicals e.g. ethylene, propylene, butane, benzene etc. They are the intermediate products used for plastics, washing agents, solvents, waxes, plant protection agents, varnishes and much more.

An important element for the functionality of these plant components is the expert installation of insulation systems during plant downtimes.

Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH has already been commissioned in the past during plant downtimes to carry out the following work:

  • Dismantling or reassembly work or the manufacture and delivery of
  • Thermal insulation work
  • Technical sound insulation
  • Bohle continues to be a supplier in the area of maintenance and project business for:

    • Thermal insulation
    • Technical or combined thermal and sound insulation
    • Isoflex insulation pads
    • High-temperature insulation
    • Preventative fire protection

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