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We firmly believe that responsible action is the key to success. 
That is why we have incorporated the HSEQ Management System as an integral part of 
Bohle Management. Meeting the needs of our employees, customers, 
business partners and the environment is one of our top priorities.

(Certifications: SCCp, EiiF, FDBR, RAL Gütezeichen [Quality Marks], etc.)
DIN EN ISO 9001-2015

We combine the areas of quality, occupational safety, health and environmental protection to form a management system that helps us to always live up to our responsibility towards new and changing challenges. One of the recipes for the success of the HSEQ Management System is the consistent consideration of opportunities and risks in decision-making.

Our goal is “zero accidents”, and we achieve this through “zero tolerance” for avoidable hazards. 
The people who work for us are regularly made aware of this core message and are motivated to act on it accordingly during training sessions and meetings. 
When it comes to occupational safety, naturally our focus is on construction site safety. That's where most accident hazards lurk. Through our construction site and project safety plan, we provide our supervisors with the essential principles for organising occupational safety on site. This is a compendium that contains internal guidelines, practical instructions and documentation templates for use on construction sites.

The measures that guarantee our successful occupational health and safety are:

  • the assignment of responsibilities and competencies to persons across all hierarchy levels,
  • the implementation of risk assessments for all workplaces,
  • the elimination of identified hazards (as far as feasible),
  • the differentiation of recognised hazards from humans,
  • the communication of any remaining hazards,
  • regular employee trainings,
  • the provision of employees with appropriate work clothes/protective equipment, and
  • the provision of appropriate, functional and well-maintained machinery and equipment.

As health is our greatest asset, it is worth making every effort to protect it. The structure of the working environment and work processes has a decisive influence on an employee's well-being. Well-being is a decisive factor that contributes significantly to health.

More specifically, we contribute to the health protection of our employees through:

  • the analysis of working conditions in the context of risk assessments at the workplace,
  • the elimination of stress factors and other hazards (as far as possible),
  • occupational health precautions and aptitude tests,
  • individual skills and appropriate tasks,
  • targeted training and instruction on health topics,
  • the provision of ergonomically designed work equipment, and 
  • conducting employee reviews.

The environment is merely lent to us. Based on this conviction, we see it as our duty to regularly and critically review and question the resource requirements of our processes.

Our contributions to the protection of natural resources are:

  • the creation of heat, cold and sound insulation with maximum effectiveness, 
  • the consistent reduction of avoidable waste, 
  • the fractionation of unavoidable waste,
  • the minimum possible use of chemical and hazardous substances, 
  • the regular monitoring of energy consumption throughout the company, and 
  • the detection and exploitation of potential for savings.

Our slogan “Bohle - United by high quality” sums up our message: We deliver the promised services to our customers at the agreed conditions – and sometimes even further.

The foundations for our high quality services are:

  • the continuous further development of our management system,
  • the ability to analyse our own faults, 
  • our willingness to generate improvement potential from these faults,
  • our qualified and motivated employees, and 
  • our respectful interaction with customers and business partners.

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