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Thermal and sound insulation
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Quality in all areas - inside and out

Quality in all areas - inside and out

Modern rendering techniques bestow houses and living spaces with an individual structure. They form the basis for tiles, paint or wallpaper and make an important contribution to the indoor climate. Whether thermal insulation or waterproofing, with the right plaster you save energy and protect your fabric of the building.

Interior rendering

The use of interior renderings offers a very special possibility for nuanced individualisation. Combined with coordinated lighting, renderings have a particularly noble effect; bringing cold walls to life and creating a beautiful atmosphere in the room. The multitude of interior renderings and processing techniques can be harmoniously combined and matching colours bring out the most diverse of characteristics.
A wide variety of materials and processing techniques are available for the composition of a wall surface. Materials such as gypsum, lime and clay plasters, synthetic resin, glass fleece and coatings.

Exterior rendering

For hundreds of years, rendered house facades have proven their worth. With regular maintenance, they continue to fulfil their function even after decades.
The variety of rendering available today can be used for various applications. Matching all architectural styles, they offer - combined with colour and structure - an almost infinite variety of individual façade designs.

Thermal insulation façade

Room climate, security and comfort can be increased by structural measures. Stringent thermal insulation not only offers quality of life, but also makes ecological and economic sense. Regardless of whether it is a new building or a modernisation, an "energy-efficient building upgrade" reduces energy requirements, helps to save energy costs and reduces pollutant emissions. Tenants and homeowners alike are delighted about this: Through thermal insulation, the ancillary costs sink and the value of the house rises. Plus, the façade is also visually impressive: Various rendering techniques, materials and a beautiful choice of colours offer a wide range of design options.

Internal insulation of external walls

Older buildings often have poor thermal insulation. External insulation is not always possible or desirable. Listed building façades, individual owner-occupied apartments, building alignment requirements or border construction require intelligent system solutions from the inside. Interior insulation is suitable for the energy-efficient upgrading of these buildings. The walls are insulated from the inside and then rendered. They provide for a comfortable living feeling and sustainably increase the value of the property.
We offer quality work for a wide range of applications in both new and old buildings. Our product spectrum ranges from classic and ecological interior rendering systems to high-performance renderings. Indoor and outdoor thermal insulation.

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