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The most important resource in every company is its employees. This is particularly true at Bohle.

We are primarily an installation company. The high quality we are typically known for is a result of the work of our employees and not due to robot-controlled machines. Every mistake made by our personnel inevitably leads to a loss in quality and, therefore, to dissatisfied customers.

This level of quality, our adherence to deadlines and the resulting acceptance we have gained from our customers are due primarily to our employees.

Bohle is proud of its workforce, whether they are employed in sales, distribution, costing or carry out work on-site.

Anniversaries 2022

40 years Bohle-Gruppe

 12.07.2022 - Arnold Hepner
Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH, Köln


 25 years Bohle-Gruppe

16.01.2022 - Peter Röwekamp
Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH, Köln

21.05.2022 - Andreas Schütte
Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH, Berlin

01.08.2022 - Thomas Schäfer
Bohle Isoliertechnik GmbH, Köln