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Fire Protection
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Protect life – safeguard values

The aim of all fire safety measures is to protect and rescue people in the event of a fire. Only after this has been done is the preservation of the tangible assets taken into account.

To achieve the ultimate goal, building structures and technical equipment must withstand fire until all persons have left the building.  In addition, it must be ensured that all firefighting and rescue personnel can carry out their work without endangering their health.

Bohle offers expert and manufacturer-independent advice in the fields of preventive structural, systems engineering and organisational fire safety.

We deliver and install:

  • Fire and smoke safety door elements
  • Cable and pipe bulkheads
  • Fire safety on ventilation systems, including fire dampers
  • Self-supporting fire safety ceilings
  • Fire-resistant cladding of steel and wooden supporting structures, as well as of ceiling structures
  • Fire safety walls and ceilings
  • Fire-resistant glazing
  • Escape stairs and emergency exits
  • Encapsulation of electrical installations / fire load encapsulations
  • Building joint sealings
  • Blow-in and spray insulation systems

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