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“Experience is the best of schoolmasters. Only the school fees are heavy.”
Thomas Carlyle – Scottish Historian

Bohle has continuously developed over its 100 year history towards becoming a modern service provider. Numerous completed construction projects, which have placed a wide variety of demands on quality, technology and logistics, contribute to the fact that we are able to rely on a comprehensive wealth of experience.

This allows us to carry out construction projects safely and for the benefit of our customers.

Our insulation technology, interior work, fire protection and metal construction business areas often provide their different ranges of services for the same customers or industry sectors. As a result of internal company training measures, we ensure that the experiences and solutions gained are collected and passed on from one generation of employees to the next.

All this is to your advantage because you receive a comprehensive range of services from a single source. In addition, you benefit from our experience and our high standards in terms of quality and occupational safety.