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Well-developed solutions and perfected technology
for a perfect room climate

A healthy and comfortable room climate is the basic pre-requisite for a sense of well-being. In modern office buildings cooling and heating ceilings are more in demand than ever. Modern facades with large-scale glazing and numerous pieces of electrical equipment providing heat emission place the highest demands on room air-conditioning.

What constitutes the perfect room climate:

  • Pleasant temperatures
  • Optimal humidity
  • Healthy room air
  • Pleasant acoustics
  • Optimal fire protection

We offer our services in the following areas:

  • Consultation and conception
  • Planning
  • Installation and initial operation (including thermal imaging) of all known cooling and heating systems with
  • copper or plastic registers
  • Ceiling Installation

Metal ceiling systems:

Suspension system, louvered strip system, clamp system, seamless aluminium system, insertion system, hinged-slide system, support system, expanded metal system

Plasterboard ceiling systems:

Seamless, smooth and perforated surface

Plaster ceiling systems:

Smooth or perforated suspended ceiling systems that have a special acoustic plaster coating.

Ceiling canvas:

Metal and plasterboard ceiling canvas

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