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Interior work
Service areas Ceilings and walls with cooling and heating systems

Sophisticated solutions and well-engineered technology
for a perfect interior climate

A healthy and comfortable interior climate is the basic requirement for our wellbeing. In modern office buildings cooling and heating ceilings are more sought after than ever. Modern facades with extensive glazing and numerous types of electrical equipment place high demands on the air conditioning due to their heat output.

What constitutes the perfect room climate:

  • Pleasant temperatures
  • Optimal humidity
  • Healthy room air
  • Pleasant acoustics
  • Optimal fire protection

We offer our services in the following areas:

  • Consultation and conception
  • Planning
  • Installation and initial operation (including thermal imaging) of all known cooling and heating systems with
  • copper or plastic registers
  • Ceiling Installation

Metal ceiling systems:

Suspension system, louvered strip system, clamp system, seamless aluminium system, insertion system, hinged-slide system, support system, expanded metal system

Plasterboard ceiling systems:

Seamless, smooth and perforated surface

Plaster ceiling systems:

Smooth or perforated suspended ceiling systems that have a special acoustic plaster coating.

Ceiling canvas:

Metal and plasterboard ceiling canvas

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