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Thermal and sound insulation
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Isoflex ® insulation pads – multi-functional use, secure and sustainable application

The use of Isoflex® insulation pads helps to save valuable energy. 

An investment that pays off even after a short period of time.

In most technical systems fittings are not insulated due to lack of space, however this is exactly where the level of heat loss is similar to a 2.00 m long pipe with the same dimensions. Isoflex® insulation pads were distinguished with the ISO AWARD 2006 for an innovative product. For sustainability in production:


High-quality fibre-glass products also provide a high level of heat insulation with a lower insulation thickness (ΔT at 50°C = 0.037 W/m* K) and at temperatures up to 1,100°C


Simple dismantling and re-assembly without tools using Velcro fasteners and adjustable buckles. Maintenance work can be conducted quickly.


No downtime due to injury, because with Isoflex ® insulation pads there are no dangerous cutting edges or hot surfaces.

Due to the high bulk density any emerging noise is absorbed to a large extent and therefore your employees’ hearing is protected.

Safe for your respiratory airways as well thanks to the incorporation of high-quality glass and mineral wool materials between the protective layers.

No risk of fire! The excellent heat insulation protects employees from burns when working in the immediate vicinity.

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