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Theo-Center, Husum is a project carried out by Heinz Mänz Aufbau GmbH

THEO, the Husum shopping centre in downtown Husum, comprises a total of two-storey retail area in a prime retail location of approx. 12,000 m². The barrier-free Husum shopping centre, which is known by its short name as THEO is a reminiscent of Husum’s famous poet Theodor Storm and is located in the middle of the main business centre. In the Husum shopping centre with its 35 shops, shoppers can find a collection of fashion items, shoes and other goods such as food, health products, medicines, gift ideas and accessories - with a mix of international chain stores, national brands and regional operators.
Restaurants, cafés and various services, such as hairdressers, complete the charm of the shopping centre. Are you looking for an even more attractive shopping experience in the central port city of Husum, right on the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein? The shopping centre in Husum City, located at the former Karstadt or Hertie, also includes a multi-storey cars parking lot with 650 parking spaces and two e-charging stations.

The aim was to make the Theo-Center of Husum 

  • inviting, harmonious and impressive in design
  • stand out as an open and friendly atmosphere, and
  • meet the highest acoustic and physical demands

These points were excellently implemented by Heinz Mänz Aufbau GmbH:

  • the organic shapes, waves and curves create positive effect 
  • the elaborate light installations with the most up-to-date modern design create a sense of well-being 
  • and the complex technology hidden behind the scenes meets the highest demands on all security measures - and even goes beyond that

Bohle Group thanks everyone involved for the exemplary execution of this demanding project.

This link gives you more impressions: https://www.bohle-gruppe.com/maenzcube