1924Foundation of the insulation company Bohle & Co. by Ernst Bohle
1946Death of the founder and Managing Director Ernst Bohle Management of the company taken over by Peter Rossenbach
1956Addition of interior work to the range of services
1963Dipl.-Kfm. Ernst Rossenbach joins the management
1974Ernst Bohle GmbH is 50 years old
Total turnover DM 65 million
Death of the Managing Director Peter Rossenbach
1982Share capital increased to DM 5 million
1986Dipl.-Kfm. Gerd Rossenbach joins the company
1994Acquisition of Bohle & Cie. GmbH with headquarters in Cologne Mülheim
Acquisition of the subsidiary Bohle & Cie. GmbH with headquarters in Berlin
Bohle & Cie. GmbH was founded in Cologne in 1910 by Fritz Bohle, the brother of Ernst Bohle
1996Acquisition of Ooms Ittner Hof – insulation technology company
1997Acquisition of Calorifuge Lorraine S.A.R.L., Stiring-Wendel (France)
1998Acquisition of Rheinischen Isoliergesellschaft mbH (RIG), Mannheim
Addition of preventative fire protection in construction to the range of services
1998Acquisition of Main Paneele GmbH in Seligenstadt
Acquisition of KAB Koch Deckensysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Velbert
2000Acquisition of Bruno & Josef Berg GmbH, Rheinbrohl
Addition of metal construction to the range of services offered by the Bohle Group
2001Acquisition of U. Junker Trockenbau GmbH, Siegen
2002Acquisition of Rüßel & Röwekamp GmbH
Start of insulation pad production at the production facility in Pulheim
2004Dipl.-Kfm. (FH) Tim Daniel Rossenbach joins the company
2005Acquisition of Lampert Innenausbau GmbH, Bad Waldsee.
Entry into the facility furnishing segment
2006Acquisition of WKS Isoliertechnik GmbH, Ludwigshafen
Corrosion protection division set up in the area of industrial services
Share capital increased to € 5 million
2007Acquisition of the company Klaus, Ludwigshafen
2008Foundation of the Interior Work Department in Ludwigshafen
Foundation of the Coesfeld Branch
Acquisition of Izoler Cracow Sp. z o. o. (Poland)
Foundation of Bohle Bautechnik GmbH, Berlin
Foundation of the Mönchengladbach Branch
2009Acquisition of Werner Isolierungen AG, Basel (Switzerland)
2010Foundation of the Stuttgart Branch
Izoler Cracow Sp. z o. o renamed as Bohle Polska Sp. z o. o.
Bohle S.A.R.L. renamed as Bohle France S.A.R.L.
2011Foundation of the Rostock Branch
Share capital increased to € 7,5 million
2014Share capital increased to € 10 million

The Group’s yearly turnover is around € 100 million and approx. 700 people are employed at BOHLE